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    WK Jeep vs Maxidas DS-708

    The purpose of this website is to provide WK Jeep users with a single place on the web where exhaustive information can be found regarding the use of the MaxiDAS DS708 on a WK Jeep.

    If you own one of these fine scanners, then you already know that the instructions are pretty useless when it comes to understanding what each item in the huge list of options means.  The instructions tell you how to plug the unit in, turn it on and update it, they tell you almost nothing about how to actually use the unit to benefit your rig.  Just about everything in the WK is connected to the computer and the DS708 can read and monitor almost all of the information that is there.  The problem is, what does all that stuff mean?  What should I expect to see when I monitor a function?

    YOU can play an important part in developing this website.  Sign up and make comments.  Post your research.  If you have discovered how to use a particular function, share it with the rest of us.  It is going to take a long time to develop the full potential of this website.  There are so many options to cover and so little time.  I’m going to start at the top of the menus and work my way down asking questions and posting what I learn.  If you have a DS708 and a WK then I need your input.  Share what you know.  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email me.

    You might ask, “Why are you doing this here instead of on one of the many Jeep forums?”  Good question.  I do not own the forums or have any control over them.  As you know, information on a forum easily get lost or buried and hard to find.  You can search for hours looking for the answer to a problem.  On this website Chirpz is in control, for better or worse.  I can set all the information that I receive or learn into neat menus and organize it the way I want so that the information you need is easy to find.  Since I am not a mechanical expert, I would appreciate your correcting me when I am clearly wrong about some technical aspect of the Jeep or of the DS708.  I do not want to post incorrect information and lead people the wrong way.

    If you wish to contribute to you can register and login to post comments and replys.  If you have procedures or information that is worthy of a menu item, contact me by email and I’ll get it posted.

    *Note* – Since my WK is a 3.0L CRD Limited, the content seen in the scanner may be different that what you would see if you have a different engine or body style. If you would like to send me screen shots of your scanner, I would be glad to post them for your particular model.

    Blinker goes berserk

    My left blinker went berserk, but only some of the time.  I would be driving along, everything working normal then suddenly the left blinker would stop working normally.  When I activated it for a turn, it would go into double time.  Usually when that happens it means you have a bad bulb, so I would jump out and, behold, it would start working normal again.  Everything blinking normally.  Repeat, repeat.

    Today, I hooked up the DS-708 and ran a scan.  Sure enough, there was a stored code for the left rear blinker.  So, the fast blinking was not my imagination after all.

    Using the DS-708, I could activate each blinker one at a time.  I tested them all several times and this added stress, caused the bad bulb to reveal itself and the fast blinking returned.  The bulb was not kaput.

    I replaced the rear bulb and now all is fine.

    Adjust tire size

    I discovered today that there is a problem with the tire size adjustment using the DS-708.  There is a menu option for it but when you select that option, it bounces you back to the menu without giving you the opportunity to adjust the tire size.  Definitely a problem.  A Jeepforum member told me about the problem and asked me to confirm it on my unit.  I had the same results.  If anyone has a work-around for this, your comments would be appreciated.

    Scanned an XJ

    My son brought his 2000 XJ over the other day and we hooked it up to try the scanner on it.  He came up clean with no codes or malfunctions.  It was very interesting to see the difference in the menus and functions.  The most basic things were the same but the rest was all different.  The scanner adapts itself to whatever is being scanned.  Worth noting…. I noticed that the speed of the auto-scan function was slower than my 2007 WK even though my WK has a lot more things in it to evaluate.  I’m guessing that the reason is the difference in speed of the processor in the cars ECU.


    All Screens are Finished

    Whew!  I have finished reviewing and documenting all of the available screens that appear when using the DS-708 with a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK).  As I learn more about how to use this device, I’ll post the results here.

    If you are having a problem with your WK you could look through these screens and may be get an idea if this scanner would be handy for you.  So far it has saved me several thousand dollars in trips to the dealer.

    Back it up!

    You should make a back up copy of the DS-708 software.  It is easy to do.

    Remove the SD card from the device and plug it into your computer.  When you look at the contents, you will see ONE folder named “Scan” and two files.

    On your hard disk, make a folder to hold your backup.  Then copy the whole “Scan” folder from the SD card into the new folder on your computer that you made.  Next, copy the two additional files.  That’s it.  Easy Peasy.

    If you have a spare SD card ranging from 4 gig to 16 gig, you can copy all the into into the spare card and keep it hand in your DS-708 case.



    I have managed to crash my DS-708 twice. Perhaps it is because it uses Windows-CE for an operating system.  When this happens, nothing works.  I can’t remember exactly how I did it.

    Turn off the DS using the power button (if you can.)  Turn off the Jeep.  Unplug the DS from the OBDII port.  Disconnect any optional power supply you may be using.  Wait about 10 seconds.  Start over.  Hold your breath for good measure.

    Wrong Port

    This is a puzzle.  The directions say that there is a USB port on the DS-708 so that you can connect the unit directly to a printer or to a USB external disk drive.  The problem is, they put the wrong shape of port on the device.  Normally you plug the flat end of a USB cable into your computer and the larger end into a printer or an external drive.  They put the LARGE port on the DS so you cannot connect the DS to a printer or disk drive.

    You CAN connect it to a computer by plugging the flat end into your computer and then the large end into the DS.  Using Linux, this allowed me to access the internet when my wireless was not working.  Using Windows on the computer, I got a crash and have not tried again that since.

    I suppose you could connect to a printer if you had a special cable with a large, male type connector at both ends, but those are not very common.


    Service 4WD

    This is the error message that prompted me to purchase a Maxidas DS-708.  I have never suckered for the N23 recall so when I got this error, I suspected it was something different.  I could not shift into 4Lo.  I tried FOUR different code scanners none of which would read the FDCM codes.  I was fearing a trip to the dealer when I read on JeepForum that the DS-708 would read those codes.  I bought one.

    Reading the codes I found C1438.  I used the scanner to clear this code and it has not returned.  I am guessing that it was just a stray code.  This was several months ago.


    The other day I got another Service 4wD message.  I scanned again and got this code.


    Once again, I cleared the code and it has not returned.  Is there something really wrong?  I don’t know for sure.  My Jeep is getting older.  One thing for sure, if I had taken this to a dealer, large repair bills could possibly arise.  My rig runs great and the 4Lo works fine.

    Mystery Howling Sound

    About two months after we purchased this Jeep, I noticed a mystery howling sound.  The sound seemed to only occur right after starting up the engine and it would last only a few seconds.  It sounded like a fan of some kind or perhaps the turbo spooling up….but it sounded like it was having a hard time starting up.  I guessed that maybe something had a worn, defective, or dry bearing… not enough to cause a code but enough to cause the howling sound.  It was definitely loud enough to cause some concern.

    The problem with this problem is that there were NO codes and the sound would go away so fast that you could not jump out, open the hood and look around for a clue.  By the time you opened the hood, the sound was gone.  It was also intermittent so you could not stand there and watch while someone else started the engine.  I tried that many times and of course the sound never occurred.  It seemed to happen only when the Jeep was cold in the mornings and then only once.

    I first noticed this about 18,000 miles.  Now I have 117,000 and thanks to the Maxidas DS-708, I have found the problem.  It is the Hydraulic Radiator Cooling Fan.

    Under the power train menu/actuators there is an option for the Hydraulic Fan. I didn’t even know what that was.  I though the radiator had an electric fan like my other Jeeps.  I clicked on this option while the engine was running and there were speed choices.  I tried them one at a time.  When I got to the fastest option….guess what…the howling began.  I tried it over and over to confirm and it happened every time.  At idle speed, you really notice the noise.

    When driving down the road at highway speed I either do not notice the noise, or my engine never gets hot enough to require full speed.

    Since there are no codes and my Jeep never overheats, and it is not annoying, I chose try spraying the fan with Slick 50.  The sound improved quite a bit.  We’ll see how it does.  I will watch this closely because…. we bought this Jeep after our previous Jeep blew a head gasket because the electric fan failed.  We were on a nation wide trip pulling our small RV and had just ascended a steep mountain grade.  We coasted 17 miles to a Jeep dealer and traded in the 2000 GC for this one.  Then we continued our trip.

    I read in the shop manual that the fan is supposed to operate at 10% all the time and increase as needed.

    Example of Actuator Control

    Actuator Control.  Tweak the fan and watch it run.





    Big Job

    Documenting all of the pages in the DS-708 is turning into a very large job.  I’m spending hours sitting in the Jeep making screen shots and looking at live data.

    For now, I’m going to have to change my procedure and just complete the job of posting all of the option screens without making further comments on each page.  Later, and much slower, I’ll go back and add comments starting on the most important pages (from my point of view.)